Marx & Engels Collected Works Vol 14



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Volume 14 contains articles and reports written by Marx and Engels between February 1855 and April 1856 and published in the New York Daily Tribune, the Neue Oder-Zeitung and other European and American newspapers. They deal with the final stages of the Crimean War (1853-56), the sharp diplomatic struggle between European powers, the economic condition of the belligerent states, the internal policies of their ruling classes, the state and prospects of the working class and democratic movements and the national question. Marx’s speech delivered at the jubilee celebration of The People’s Paper (April, 1856) provides his explanation for his belief that a social revolution led by the proletariat would emerge from the industrial revolution of the nineteenth century. The volume contains all the extant versions of Marx’s pamphlet The Fall of Kars which describes the diplomatic manoeuvres that attended one of the final episodes of the Crimean War