Marx & Engels Collected Works Vol 17



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Volume 17 covers the period from October 1859 to December 1860.  The first half of the volume is taken up with the complete English edition of Marx’s polemic Herr Vogt, an extensive expose of the ideological opponents of the working-class movement .  The volume contains 35 articles written by Marx and Engels for the New York Daily Tribune on key issues of European economic and political development during the period. There is a particular focus on the rise of the Italian revolutionary movement, the campaigns of Garibaldi and his supporters in Sicily and Southern Italy, the tactics of the working class and revolutionary democrats on the unification of Italy and of Germany.  Articles in this volume also focus on the economic position of Britain and other countries, and the critique of the Bonapartist regime in France.  Marx and Engels also showed great interest in the developments in Russia and noted the intensification of the Russian peasants’ struggle for the abolition of serfdom. They regarded this popular movement as a powerful reserve of the European revolution.