Selections from Cultural Writings



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Publication date: July 1, 2012

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This volume brings together Gramsci’s cultural writings, ranging from appreciations of theatre, literature and other forms of artistic production, to notes that break new ground in cultural theory.

Gramsci's writings on culture have been hugely influential for western critical thinking during the last forty years, not least because of their breadth and depth. Unusually for a political and cultural thinker, Gramsci was interested in both popular and high-art culture and he wrote extensively on both.

The writings in this selection include his reflections on Futurism as well as the detective novel, on linguistics and journalism, on ‘national-popular’ culture and folklore. The volume’s extensive introductory material and explanatory notes offer useful background information on the wider context of Gramsci’s work. This volume consists primarily of entries from the Prison Notebooks, but there are also substantial selections from Gramsci’s important earlier writings on culture and theatre criticism.

Note on the text
Abbreviations of works cited
General Introduction
I Proletarian Culture
– Introduction
– Politics and Culture
– Futurism
– Theatre Criticism
II Problems of Criticism
III Pirandello
IV Canto X of Dante’s Inferno
V Language, Linguistics and Folklore
VI People, Nation and Culture
VII Manzoni
VIII Father Bresciani’s Progeny
IX Popular Literature
X Journalism

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“the edition is nearly immaculate, with lucid introductions between each block of William Boelhower’s fluent translations … Though dense and sometimes intricate, the footnotes never swamp the text.”

Boyd Tonkin, Literature and History


Selections from Cultural Writings is an immensely rich and provocative book which ought to be required reading for anyone concerned with culture … and … those working on the interface between culture and politics.”