AS Volume 18 No. 2



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Format: Single issue (print)

Publication date: November 1, 2010

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Ruth Kinna


‘Bethink yourselves or you will perish’: Leo Tolstoy’s voice a centenary after his death
Alexandre Christoyannopoulos

Tolstoy, history and non-violence
Terry Hopton

Deepening anarchism: international relations and the anarchist ideal
Alex Prichard

Henry Adams and Andrei Bely: The explosive mind
Caroline Hamilton

Functional representation and its anarchist origins
Jason Royce Lindsey

The anarchist aphorist: Wilde and Gottesman, paradox and subversion
Kristian Williams


Sharif Gemie


Randall Amster et al, Contemporary Anarchist Studies: An Introductory Anthology of Anarchy in the Academy
Reviewed by Jeffrey D. Hilmer

Ralph Darlington, Syndicalism and the Transition to Communism. An International Comparative Analysis
Reviewed by Susan Milner

Diana Denham and the C.A.S.A. Collective (eds), Teaching Rebellion: Stories from the Grassroots Mobilization in Oaxaca
Reviewed by Brian Martin

Kast, Bernd (ed.) 2009. Die Kritik Stirners und die Kritik an Stirner
Reviewed by Peter Seyferth

Staughton Lynd and Daniel Gross, Labor Law For the Rank and Filer: Building Solidarity While Staying Clear of the Law
Reviewed by Dana M. Williams

Clifton Ross (dir), Venezuela: Revolution from the Inside Out (DVD)
Reviewed by Sara C. Motta

Tripp York, Living on Hope while Living in Babylon: The Christian anarchists of the twentieth century
Reviewed by Alexandre Christoyannopoulos